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Actually Not Factoring In Space First For Your Purchases

I was kind of surprised by this as I was reading how a person was purchasing all this new furniture for their condo where their focus was on design and quality based on what they wanted. While they were technically able to fit the stuff in their living space it left very little room for anything else. For example, something as simple as having small table to put photos on seemed rather difficult. So instead they had to buy attachments of sort for the couch to do so.

I know for myself I usually try to factor in the space first. I personally find that you can spend too much money trying to accommodate purchases that don’t really suit your current living situation if you don’t. It’s almost like you are working for the furniture and resources to live as opposed to the other way around afterwards.

In many ways I would view it similar to spending more money than you really have just because you really want that item. In both cases it’s almost like you can’t really afford to do it just yet in a practical way where maybe focusing on finding ways to get to that position first would be better.

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