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A Step Higher Than Serial Entrepreneurs

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Usually when you think of creating a business to generate some kind of income most people would ideally want their business to grow in something big. Basically, like a large supermarket versus say a corner store market. With that in mind, it was interesting reading about people that literally had to start a new business like every few months as they don’t care about long-term viability as opposed to what is hot now.

Example, one month they could be selling merchandise from a very popular TV show and then next month they would scrap that all together and start selling souvenirs as they know there will be an event coming up where a ton of tourists will be around for awhile. Literally, it’s like non stop every month where they actually create a god stream of income this way.

I was just thinking how tiring that must be and the amount of energy you must have to put into constantly research what is hot in various industries. I have always heard of the term serial entrepreneurs for these types of people. Even with that though I thought that is more like changing a new business every four years or so just like how people change jobs. I personally find more challenge and satisfaction in trying to build something once that will continually give you returns in the future. But I suppose a good thing about the other direction is that you must gain a lot of knowledge and life experience that way which is valuable in itself.

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