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A Making Money Journey Thought

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I get requests for this quite a bit for some reason and this past week seems to have increased the interest for one reason or another. Basically, people encourage me to try wacky or outrageous things in order to create say this cash cow, for a lack of a better word, as they think it would be so cool to do so. Speaking for myself, for the most part I personally adopt the “if you do it just for the money you will fail” approach as there has to be a better underlying reason to do something like that I’d say. Like a business, obviously at the end of the day you have to make a profit otherwise it is not really a business. Usually though, there is a goal behind it such as wanting to fill in the needs of people or making something better as that is what helps to keep you going.

So, I was just sitting there and thinking “just what exactly could I do where the main purpose is to generate money while at the same time accomplishing a worthwhile purpose?” Reflecting back to some of my recent posts in regards to making streams of income and some of the comments, that got me thinking on how while there are a ton of ways that people can make an income, we tend to only stick with the things that we know we can do as oppose to exploring new ideas and ways of doing things. I guess in many cases it can either be too risky or scary to go beyond your comfort zone or that people simply can’t find the time to dedicate in learning to do something new.

Then I thought “wouldn’t that be something interesting and fun to do”. Like everyone else, there are still a lot of things I wouldn’t mind learning or trying out in terms of generating an income. So I thought “what if I started with zero dollars and from there I tried various things to make money while also trying to use that same money to generate more as an educational and informative experience that I would document?” The more I thought about it the more I liked it as maybe it could introduce me to things that I would have never thought of doing while at the same time maybe it can help others as well.

The first thing that came to mind in terms of how I would document this is to simply create a new category section on my blog for it as I thought this would be the perfect platform to document everything while making it accessible to a lot of people. Was kind of fitting I thought too considering the theme. So, now I just need to think of a name for it and some guidelines. Should be an interesting addition to my blogging activities.

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