$21 Day For Food Welfare Challenge
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$21 Day For Food Welfare Challenge

I read about this interesting challenge today as apparently a local celebrity named Bif Naked was participating in an event that intends to raise awareness about welfare rates. The site is located at http://welfarefoodchallenge.org/

My initial thoughts from reading this is that maybe I should try this for research as I am someone who tries to shop extremely frugal each day where the number doesn’t scare me as much. Therefore, I would assume if a person like myself can’t find a way to get by food wise with this budget then what hope would others have?

The only thing stopping me at this point was I was actually thinking of participating in a charity event later this month which may conflict with it since we need to document everything. Actually, maybe this gives me another reason to justify those purchases I was debating about before as doing this requires better documentary equipment. I starts on October 16th so still a few days to decide.

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