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Would You Ever Take A Trip Based Solely On An Airfare Price Error

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I was reading some deals today where some of them happened to be round-trip airfares. Example, flights that would probably normally be about $800 was listed as like $200. Of course there were a lot of people jumping on the deal right away. I was thinking though, would you ever actually take a trip because of a ticket price error where the cost is just insanely cheap?

I know for me anyways I am just thinking how there is so much more to this. For example, having to scramble and adjust your schedules to take advantage of these deals that most likely have to occur during a specific time as well as adding in the finances for entertainment and accommodations for once you actually arrive at your destination.

Many people would say this is what you earn money for period of course which is to enjoy and experience life. I always like to think of the post results of the trip too such as if the financial expenses of once everything is done with will create more ongoing financial obstacles. It can add up when you factor in the time of say not working too.

If it was a like a local excursion deal then that would be kind of different. Although, as usual when I see deals like these I would be incline d to just tell friends and family about it encase there is someone where the deal would be a perfect match for.

Comments to Would You Ever Take A Trip Based Solely On An Airfare Price Error

  • i did this. sfo to lima peru. was about 200$.
    found the ticket, left that same day.
    came back after a month.
    great time. terrible time.
    climbed a 20,000 ft volcano.
    rode a motorbike to machu picchu.
    tried 2 new psychedelic drugs.
    was almost robbed, crime is rampant.
    was sick with constant fever and chills for weeks at a time.
    (am a physician).
    so it goes.
    would do it again, easy.
    collect experiences, not things.
    peace. out.

    dan 4/6/2016 6:11 pm
  • Holy moly. That sounds more like a reality show of some sort than like a vacation trip. Wonder if you were wearing an action cam through all that too.

    Alan Yu 4/7/2016 2:04 pm

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