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Working Because You Want To In Relation To Being Debt Free

The other day I had a friend made an interesting comment to me where he felt that because I usually work on jobs that I actually want to as opposed to a necessity where it should give me a huge advantage in life compared to others. That discussion came out of a conversation about finance as he was talking about the notion on how being debt free gives you that option.

I countered that a little as I personally don’t believe being debt free really has much to do about working say jobs that you actually want. That just comes down more to things like lifestyle choices and I mentioned that where he obviously spent way more money on things like transportation where in return he gets more convenience.

While I personally understand the notion on how if you have an extreme amount of debt then you in a sense must try and work the highest paying job as possible even if you hate it to pay off that debt, in the end in paying that debt off there are so many other ways to do it such as spending our money frugally. So with that note it’s like saying you can choose to simply work at the places where you feel you would be most fulfilled while making lifestyle changes of sorts to accommodate it.

I know for myself I always worked at places where I had a genuine interest to be there. Either I felt it was something I genuinely enjoyed or that it would be some good life experience. Funny enough in a lot of those times I just happened to earn more than average due to the increase productivity of wanting to be there. At the end of the day if you are happy with what you do then you start to notice how much more productive you can be even income generating wise too.

Comments to Working Because You Want To In Relation To Being Debt Free

  • Hey Alan, your blogs are really interesting, but as soon as it captures my attention, it’s all over. As a person working a job I hate, I’d love to read about your work experiences. Like, what jobs did you have where your passion for it allowed you to perform better? Would be nice to know.

    Jon Ro 2/12/2017 4:06 pm
  • That’s the nature of the blog at the moment unless there is a specific reason to dive more deeply into something. The article is here somewhere, as there are thousands of blog entries, but one example was simply working for a store that sold gaming and software products where because I was passionate about it I ended up helping to lead it to become number one in Canada.

    Naturally having the knowledge and passion for the stuff meant I was one of the most productive as well which ultimately meant more money too even though that wasn’t my focus.

    Alan Yu 2/12/2017 11:40 pm

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