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Waiting To Be The Only One or Not

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Today I read some news how around here there has been a sharp decline of home sales due to things like the foreign tax that was introduced not too long ago. This made me think of a scenario I heard recently where there was a person that was planning to sell his house as it didn’t make sense to have such a big place anymore where it was costing him money. He was expected to get well over one million dollars for it. However, it just happened that a house not too far from him was on the market already. This was the interesting part as to him he wanted to wait until that house got sold whereas everyone else was telling him to put it up in the market anyways as they felt the other house wouldn’t affect his pricing or ability to sell it.

It dives into the topic on how at times you can’t always just wait to hopefully be the only one before putting something out there. With the above example that could mean if the other place doesn’t sell for months then that guy will literally be waiting that long as well. In some ways for like this I think it is better to not be the only one. Because in many ways if his house is better it helps to solve the reservations that many people will have where they can immediately compare it to something else for value.

I actually see that a lot especially when it comes to buying things in general. For example, people are on the fence about buying something from a store. As soon as they see like an advertisement from a competitor that is say offering something similar for more money funny enough that now makes them want to make the purchase. So in many ways just putting in the effort to in some way to stand out can be better than playing the waiting game in hopes that you are like the only game in town.

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