The Value of A Sale Price or What You Actually Receive
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The Value of A Sale Price or What You Actually Receive


There was an interesting sale for a membership to the aquarium here where apparently you can get 20% to 30% off the regular price. This would entitle you to do things like skipping the line which can probably be convenient. But then I was reading how the aquarium doesn’t actually have much to see now as a lot of animals that they had before such as dolphins are no longer there. Therefore, people were saying because of that no one is going and they have to drop the price.

It sounds like such a common sense thing but I think we all fall into that sales trap many times for things that we don’t stay updated on. For example, I bet for most people if they see this $1000 camera on sale for $300 now that sounds too good to pass up even though an enthusiast could tell you it’s been known to have issues which is why the company wants to get rid of it. That deal wouldn’t sound too good after huh?

I think the only semi way to train the habit of wanting to learn what you actually get on a regular basis is reading the ingredients labels on the food that you buy. Even I am surprised at times where when I look at them it seems like you get the exact same thing or how the bigger brand is offering less. With that habit I tend to try and do that with other things too whether it’s equipment or having to pay for an event. Those discount prices still grab my attention too of course which is obviously why companies do it as it works.

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