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How Using An Umbrella For Snow Days Seems Practical Financially

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So I was reading this article written by a Daniel Bettridge today where the title caught my attention as it was titled “Hey Vancouver, umbrellas aren’t for snow” and it is indeed snowing heavily here right now. Now from what I gather he was basically implying that anyone who uses an umbrella during snow days is award. He even went as far as to quote the following:

“Just look at yourself. Go on look at your reflection in that shop window and see what you look like, carrying an umbrella, in the snow. Let that sink in for a second. Roll it around your mind a few times. You’re carrying an umbrella, in the snow. Essentially you’ve become that person who wears a pocket protector to work, or that guy who wears a full kit (socks and all) to a Whitecaps game.”

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I was thinking how that is a little ludicrous as I see people using umbrellas all the time to cover the snow. Heck, I even see a lot of people use umbrellas to cover the sun during days that are scorching hot. In both those cases what is wrong with that functionality wise? It makes me think a lot about money in general where many times you are told to buy things for specific situations otherwise you will be viewed as “weird” in many ways. Like here, according to the advice I guess you should always “Just wear a toque like everyone else” and then get the umbrella for when it rains. If an umbrella works for you without the need of the toque and solves two problems in one then why not?

It’s an important topic in many ways when it comes to money in your life. I am not talking about the umbrella and snow topic but rather learning how to bypass social pressure in many cases where you need to simply do what works best for you financially. In some ways when I hear people criticizing others in this fashion it almost makes me think one simply doesn’t want to feel strange themselves for not doing what can make a lot of sense.

One funny thing about this though was how today it was actually snowing very heavily and then in a short amount of time it started to rain. It flipped back and forth like that in a short time span. That must be weird to not just use like an umbrella the whole time.

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