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Using Your Free Credit Gifts Immediately or Wait Longer

So I have an interesting scenario as my two year lock in contract has expired for my cell phone and as a result I qualify for things like a free phone where you would have to sign another contract. I don’t really need another one at this point as I think next year would be more ideal for an upgrade. But thinking about it that would mean in a sense wasting one year. So the option is renew it next year and get something I want or renew it this year to get something I don’t need where after another two years I then get a true upgrade that I would want. Which route would you go with?

The frugal shopper in me wants to get the item now as it seems wasteful not to. But the logical side is saying I don’t really need it so why not save it until I actually do? Another thing that bothers me of this is I actually stayed with a carrier once for two years without renewing a contract because I didn’t want to be locked in where in retrospect that was a mistake as I could have gotten a free phone since I stayed with them anyways.

Who would have thought stuff like this would require a lot of thinking. The only other thought is you never know what can happen in a year as a lot can change too.

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