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Unnecessarily Training Yourself To Debt

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This was kind of a tricky topic the other day as I was having a discussion about the scenario of being trained and educated adequately before one decides to actually try and get work in whatever field that they are pursuing. This was scenario was trickier because the career path involved more of a tradeskill where there wasn’t really much to learn other than you having to get your hands dirty to build your skill and experience. However, in this scenario the person was spending hundreds of dollars to be educated about the business to the point where he is now in debt to so many people.

As an over the top example imagine your career choice was to deliver like newspapers. In my opinion there really isn’t much to learn. But in this scenario you have a person paying like hundreds of thousands of dollars to take courses of sort to in a sense train to be a newspaper delivery person. Financially and professionally to me in these scenarios it feels like the people charging those fees have their own best interest in mind as they need to generate an income for themselves.

While training and constantly learning is definitely a wise investment in many cases, especially if whatever you are doing is more academic, it’s almost counter intuitive to view it with the perspective on how you are potentially just being sold on the idea that you have to spend an enormous amount of money to prepare yourself to embark into your business or career choice. I kind of attest this to most of us simply being educated to work as an employee where the concept of working for yourself just seems so impossible.

Funny enough, education is usually an important factor to thriving in the real world. With that in mind, educating yourself on what people have done to create businesses and careers with nothing more than like a dollar in their pocket is something we all need to learn. You can read so many of these types of stories for free online too. In many cases all you may really need is that drive and hustle to succeed. I think for pretty much everything there was a time when there was no school or person to train you for certain career choices as an example. Something to think about if you are always told that you have to spend a ton of money learning how to get things running.

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