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Treating Free Donation Services And Sights As A Fee Too

Today I went to this event where a train known as the CP rail was passing by an area as it was decorated with things like Christmas lights. It was free to the public where they were asking people for donations such as items for the food bank. It got me thinking as many times when it comes to these kinds of entrances do you consider the donation mandatory regardless if they say it isn’t where you will factor that as an expense when you visit?

For myself I usually do if that is the main purpose of the event in general which is to in a sense raise money. It makes me think of other things such as mall gift wrapping services where many times they say it is free and ask that you donate some money. Like there wouldn’t you feel weird just getting it for free since they are trying to raise money?

At times it almost feels more comfortable to just ask for a fee of some sort. But for me anyways I usually treat all of these types of things as having to spend money as opposed to simply being free for the taking as if you were in a convention getting free samples and all.

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