The Time You Wait Versus The Savings
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The Time You Wait Versus The Savings

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Today I went to the supermarket and it was jammed pack with people because of a sale. Naturally I went inside to check out what kind of deals there were. I was thinking though as if I was to even think of buying something I would probably have to lineup for like twenty minutes. That then got me to think if there were any purchases that would be worth it. I didn’t feel it would be worth it to save ten cents as an example.

It makes me wonder why people don’t think of this time factor more such as people who line up two nights before at a store to get a sale and save maybe two hundred dollars. I am just thinking of all the money you could have earned while being at work too. For the above scenario I would imagine I would need to at least save like five dollars to make the lineup time worth it.

Another reason for this is that I often find you can find the same sales sporadic throughout the year. So if anything times like these just serves as a faster way to see how cheap items can get as a reference. Your time is money too.

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