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The PNE Fair

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Here in Vancouver there is a Fair called the Pacific National Exhibition that happens every year starting at around this time of the month. Normally it costs about $15 per person to get in, but today it was free admission from 9am to 12pm and so I figured why not since I used to go to them every year when I was a kid.

Since it was free admission, you bet the place was packed with people virtually everywhere.

There is one area that has a lot of pets and animals for people to see and learn about. There was one funny video that I took of a person trying to take a picture next to a large sheep. It proved to be harder than he thought in terms of trying to keep his composure.

The PNE is actually connected to Playland which basically has rides and games that people can play to win prizes like large dolls. I guess one of the scarier types of rides are those ones that launch you into the air. A lot of people get cold feet just before being released and it was kind of interesting to see this sign that the operators now display:

I made a quick video of it along with another ride that is kind of similar. Just for the heck of it, I also placed a clip of some guy doing a high dive just to show some of the type of things you see at the fair.

Going there also reminded me on how much money people can burn so easily in trying to win those dolls. Some of those games just seem so fixed where you can’t win. All in all, it was fun and relaxing.

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