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The Convenience And Inconvenience of A Cell Phone

Just recently my cell phone service seemed to be acting weird. It started about a week ago as for some odd reason my voicemail message was deleted and was replaced by a system default message. I didn’t think too much of it as I just recorded a new greeting.

Since yesterday, it seems that there is another weird problem now as I can’t hear the caller but they can hear me. This just makes me think how so many of us have turned what was normally more of a device of convenience into an important form of contact.

For now until I figure out the problem, I guess this is going to be used as a glorified pager with voicemail options. It just feels like one of those situations where you are paying for something that you can’t use.

Comments to The Convenience And Inconvenience of A Cell Phone

  • Yes 3 hrs ago I can’t send messages it’s saying inconvenience service

    Mansueta 2/11/2021 6:14 am

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