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All These Stories About Flossing And The Money You Invested

flossing no benefit

Today a few people told me how there were stories that apparently describes how flossing your teeth has very little if any benefit In helping with things like gum disease compared to if you actually just brushed your teeth. Most of the reactions I saw were more out of humor such as people saying how they have been duped to spend money on floss. Others just say they will continue to use it anyways.

It kind of made me think how many times we spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to do what’s best for our health based on the information that is given to us. Imagine like this where you have been doing it for years though just to be told it really didn’t do anything for you in a sense. I personally feel health and beauty types of products is probably one of the most confusing categories that can quickly drain your bank account where one day something is the greatest thing for you just for you to be told that is wrong later.

I guess the easier said than done solution would be to just consistently live like say a healthy lifestyle as opposed to always following what others tell you. Imagine if someone now says something along the lines that taking a multivitamin a day is useless. I suppose in many ways there is no getting around to researching what is truly best for you and how you feel afterwards. We often use our money as a quick way to avoid having to think or taking the time to study all this stuff. I suppose like here though there is no getting around that if you don’t want to end up spending all this money on something that doesn’t matter for you.

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