Starting With The Cheapest Option Starting Out or Not
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Starting With The Cheapest Option Starting Out or Not

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My nephew’s birthday is coming up and there was a huge confusion as to what he wanted. Apparently he wanted something audio related as he wants to start recording and making music since he plays the piano. At first I was told that he wanted a microphone which was odd to me but then another person says he wanted a music synthesizer. Those are completely different. He happened to phone me though and when asked what he wanted he said something so that he can record music. At first he said a microphone but I said you can’t record with just a microphone. Afterwards it seemed like he wanted a recorder. So much confusion huh?

It got me thinking though because I know some of these equipment fairly well I tend to be more critical about wanting the person have the best for what they need. At the same time I know professionally some of the lower priced items are horrible. But it’s just for someone starting out. So in this example would you be inclined to get the cheapest option for the person to start out or would you still invest a lot because you want them to have the best quality?

It might sound simple but I guess imagine it like a camera. You don’t know how much the person will actually use it but imagine you got them a pretty poor quality one that looks like an ancient webcam. Then they go on a trip and forever they now have this webcam quality footage. Wouldn’t you have rather got them something of a better quality? Makes me wonder in this case do you go with the cheapest option or not?

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