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Stacking And Researching In Store Offers With General Discount Coupons Too

One thing I often do to save money is I research on what coupons or rewards are available for the week to see if I need the items as it’s a good time to buy when discounts are available. Now I was first looking at this reward points app and it said that I could get about 750 points for spending $5 which is essentially 75 cents. That is not too big of a number on its own.

But I know that the store often had unadvertised deals and so when I checked the section I noticed that for these particular hair care products there was one item that cost $2.98 and you could essentially get $1.50 worth of points for each purchase. That makes the total purchase about $1.48 each which is a very good deal.

Now since this qualified for that other coupon as well you would need to buy two of them to get that extra 75 cent bonus. If you split that in half that’s not too shabby as it means you are paying about $1.10 for each one. To me that shows how just looking at things like a flyer isn’t enough as there are often unadvertised deals and rewards in-store that you can stack to save a lot of money. Like here that was about a 63% savings by stacking the discounts. Things like this really adding up is an understatement.

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