Spending Transportation Money To Just Not Look Silly
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Spending Transportation Money To Just Not Look Silly

There was a funny situation today where a person was expressing to me how they wanted to buy literally just toilet paper as it was a pretty good deal. However, they didn’t have a vehicle and so they had to try and find someone to do it even if they had to pay for service. Based on the distance from the store to the house I was even expressing how I can just buy it and carry it if the person wanted. They were kind of shocked as they thought it would look to silly carrying it down a few blocks. In the end I did it though and sure enough it was easy.

It just made me think how many times like these we tend to spend money not so much because we have to but rather the image that it projects to others that one finds embarrassing. Therefore we tend to spend money in using services that we really didn’t need. I am inclined to say even if you look silly in this instance initially it doesn’t feel silly to have more money at the end of the day. If little stuff like this helps you to be debt free too then why not?

Makes you think too how many times people incur a huge debt simply because one spends too much money trying to project a certain image to others. Focus on what you need and not others in this case I’d say.

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