Spending Money Because Everyone Else Is
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Spending Money Because Everyone Else Is

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This was an interesting moment today. I decided to hangout a bit with a person as I had about an hour downtime before my next schedule for the day. I was asked if I wanted to like go to restaurant and I mentioned I wouldn’t mind just to hangout. So when we arrived I was assuming that he was going to order something, which he expressed he was. For me I was just there to relax. Once he realized I wasn’t actually ordering anything he mentioned that he actually brought his own lunch and that he should just go grab it and we can find a place to sit.

My immediate comment of course is why he didn’t just bring it with him in his bag and he was saying he thought originally that if we were going to go to like a fast food place or something then he would just pay for food like I would have. However, because I didn’t get anything I suppose it made him feel more comfortable in simply eating the food he had prepared as originally planned.

How many times have you done something like this where you bring your own food or beverages just to end up spending money anyways as a way to adapt to what everyone else is doing? This is probably very common too. It kind of reminds me of the saying too on how your habits are usually developed based on the people you are around. In this case that was sure true in many ways.

I know for myself even if I was to buy something I wouldn’t feel weird at all personally if someone had already packed their food from home as an example. It would actually probably make me wonder why I didn’t do that as it is probably healthier and smarter financially. But my way of thinking in this case is probably not what the majority of people out there would feel of course. Though I would imagine it’s good to learn to not simply spend as a way to fit in.

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