Spending Money For Country Pride or Not
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Spending Money For Country Pride or Not

Happy Canada day everyone. Today is not surprising that many people went out to see various festivities to celebrate the birthday of the country. While most of my day was doing things for free such as watching the Fireworks and going hiking I did end up meeting some people to enjoy some food. One person mentioned how he wanted to spend as much money on Canadian food as possible in an effort to celebrate the occasion.

That’s interesting because I would imagine companies often use that narrative where if you love your country then you should buy things from them. Nothing wrong with enjoying the day where money is just a part of it many times. Financially though I think we need to train ourselves not to think that spending isn’t the only way to celebrate or support a cause.

Giving gifts and people wanting expensive items probably trained us to think this way where if we don’t spend X amount of dollars then we aren’t really giving much. Like a gift, my mindset is usually it’s not how much I spent but rather what I gave. For example, if I happened to find this game a person wanted for $5 where the original price is $100 then to me it doesn’t matter that I technically got them a $5 gift as it is exactly what they wanted. That is probably weird to think about if you keep seeing as giving a “$5 gift” for example.

Same thing with having to spend money for an event it’s probably better to focus more on what you actually do versus how much you actually spent to show your pride and support. Happy Canada day again everyone,

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