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Spending Less By Not Spending At All

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I was reading some articles today on various ways to save money in doing things such as dining out at restaurants as they can get expensive. The tips ranged from bartering to taking advantage of various discounts. When it comes to things like dining out though I personally always viewed these as a luxury. If you really wanted to save money finding ways to make your own meal would seem wiser. So in that sense, for things like this I am kind of surprised it wasn’t mentioned that the best way to save money in this case is to just not dine out in a sense.

Is that ever an option in your mind when it comes to saving money on something? Essentially, instead of only thinking of ways to make it cheaper maybe dropping it all together for a different solution would be more productive. For me personally that is usually always a thought or option when it comes to spending a lot of money.

I think having a large house of sort is often one of those topics too where people automatically have a thought where they must have it for someone reason even if they don’t truly need the space. Therefore, instead of looking at other possible options they try and find ways to make it work still. For me personally when it comes to spending I usually try and have a mindset of first trying and find practical ways to use things that don’t cost me money first. From there I kind of go up for options and then make a decision on the best value for my situation.

So like with the dining out example I would always first start the day by thinking if I can make my own stuff first. If for some reason I can’t then I would think of the best valued place to go. For me personally having this type of thinking process works in keeping the costs down where hopefully you spend as little money as possible.

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