Small Shipping Fees That Kill Deals For You
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Small Shipping Fees That Kill Deals For You

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I was looking at this deal today for a TV wall mount where according to the listed price this thing is supposed to be over $55 and is selling for about $10. While the discount seemed pretty big I was curious in seeing if I could actually get it free with a coupon. However, at the end checkout it indicated that you would still have to pay a $5 shipping fee. Funny enough, that was enough to kill the deal for me as I didn’t actually need this product and would rather not spend extra money on stuff I don’t need.

Another thing too is that the at-cost of this item is probably ridiculously cheap. So as usual I don’t tend to rely on what the business tells me to determine if the amount off is good. As well, especially in online shopping I find that a ton of merchants usually reduce the price of the main item just to jack up the shipping rates to make up for it. I am surprised when I see people buying online auction items where the shipping makes the expense no different than buying it at a regular retail store price.

I guess you can’t consider that a hidden fee since it isn’t really hidden. But I guess people aren’t used to always calculating the total price first many times where they treat shipping fees as a requirement. For myself anyways I treat the total bill as the total bill as opposed to giving one type of fee a free pass to get charged for it. Especially in this case where I don’t really need the item too.

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