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Slow Times For Banks To Process Your Funds

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This past few days I noticed a funny issue that isn’t very common as it is usually the opposite for most people. As usual I have the habit of paying my credit card bills all at once. The funny thing is while I have already transferred the funds where it states it has been taken out of the account the credit card bill still hasn’t been updated to reflect this. It has been a few days too and the cutoff date is supposed to be the 6th of this month.

Though a lot of other people were telling me that their other bills weren’t being processed yet either it seems until the 4th or so due to a lot of people being off work. Tuesday is the start of the work week again for most people because of the new years holiday. These circumstances are a pain as you don’t exactly get savings interest for your funds since it is technically classified as withdrawn. At the same time it hasn’t been applied to the credit card balance either where if they did make an error it could go into the interest period.

I probably should just forget about it though as technically I have all the records to show when it all should have been processed. Maybe I’ll just watch that new Celebrity Apprentice that was supposed to come out today.

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