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Seeing Price Errors As A Low Price Standard To Buy As Well On Amazon Prime Day

So today was Amazon Prime day and I decided to buy a hardrive. While I was saving $40 according to the sale price as usual I tend to look at price history to determine if something was truly a great deal. Sure enough when I looked at it apparently the cheapest price for this particular item was $10. That was clearly a price error of some sort but it made me think how at times I actually use that as a standard to determine what qualifies as a buy now think later item.

Knowing that something has been that cheap actually makes me spend less in terms of impulse purchases. At the same time it often encourages to try and find ways to continue going with what I have in hopes that a price error like that will come up again in the future. The chances of doing so are probably next to none but by the time you hold off a purchase for that long you probably for sure actually need it by then.

Like there when it comes to things like electronics you would probably end up getting something way better too then what you would have bought immediately. People always say set your standards really high in terms of a goal and I guess in a funny way it kind of works the same for saving money with shopping.

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