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I was reading a few examples today of people who accidentally created a viral video sensation of sort. Nowadays a lot of people can make some side income with such a thing and I actually know a person who benefited quite nicely from it. However, the funny thing was that I just saw one video that was going big recently and so many people were telling the creator of the video to not sell his rights to it as he will be approached by various companies. It was a bit too late though as he signed away his rights to it.

Why is it such a big deal? Like in one example I was told that a person made about $5000 by selling the rights to his accidental Internet sensation of sorts. That sounds like a lot especially for someone who isn’t knowledgeable about it. Upon looking at the data though it seemed like if he did it himself he would have probably gotten like $20,000. That is a huge difference.

I noticed nowadays for a lot of Internet related income opportunities a lot of people take advantage of other people’s lack of knowledge in the area. I think in general, just like for offline offers if someone all of a sudden offered you all this money for something you made I think it would be only wise to research what your options are too. Who knows, like in this case you may not even need them so they should offer you some kind of value to be taking that much money from you.

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