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Reward Points And Bonus With Expiry Dates

Today a person was telling me about this new points program that a company introduced which seemed pretty good as it almost sounded like the business was initially offering a one to one ratio for every dollar spent which would be equal to like one dollar in reward points. That seemed too good and so I had to see what the stipulation was. As it turned out one of the stipulations was that these point must be spent in like three months or so. Otherwise your balance would get wiped out.

I have actually noticed a lot more companies have been doing this where people have been neglecting to read the fine print for it. Therefore, one would lose all of their bonus or you are essentially forced to plan out your shopping wisely where you would use up the balance. I know for myself for regular credit card rewards this is another reason why I prefer cashback options many times. It just seems more flexible overall.

I personally tend to try and spend the points right away for companies that give you a deadline. For example, I would literally try and shop two transactions in one trip just to use up the bonus. That does require some planning of course otherwise you just end up buying stuff you don’t need at prices that may be higher than what you would normally pay.

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