Relying On The Generosity of Strangers For Money And Resources
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Relying On The Generosity of Strangers For Money And Resources

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Usually when one talks about traveling through the country you would imagine you would have to save a fortune to do so. How about just $10? That’s apparently what two students did as they went across Canada spending only $10. Their main plan was to simply try and hitchhike throughout the journey while only bringing about $150 in cash and some basic essentials.

That alone you would think is crazy and at times they even questioned what they were doing as they could have stayed home and work stable and comfortable jobs. But as it turned out a ton of people were willing to give them rides, food and shelter. They essentially got to experience a ton where again they only spent about $10 when they arrived back home.

Kinds of scary to simply rely on faith and strangers to get you through something like this huh? I suppose it shows that there are plenty of people out there who are willing to help. In this case it would be more about the fear of not even trying. But it sure shows that if you really want to experience or do something where you always say money is the reason it’s kind of inspiring to show how there is always another way too.

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