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Regular Sale Prices Can Often Be Better Than Bulk Prices

sun rype juice sale

I saw this deal for some juices today which was nice for my under one dollar documentation. In this case you could see that this store was selling a lot of juice for 88 cents each which is a pretty good deal on its own. What then caught my attention was below all of this where you could buy a large variety pack consisting of twelve juices of the same brand for $17.49. That is just so much more expensive compared to buying items individually with the sale price which would be $10.56.

sunrype juice bulk expensive

It made me think how whenever I go into a wholesale store of sorts for consumers I always see people buying large bulk items just like this thinking that they are saving so much money by default. Because the assumption is if you are buying in bulk then it has to be cheaper right? That just isn’t the case so many times from my observations. Then factor in on how many places charge you a membership fee of sorts and definitely are paying way more.

I know for this particular product from my experience even that large pack on sale at wholesale places isn’t even that cheap where each juice works out to the 88 cents or less tag that you see above. There are just so many times that you can’t just assume that you are getting a great deal. Even when it comes to bulk packages I often quickly do the math to see if it is truly a better value. Because like here you could be paying substantially more money than you should be.

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