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Reflecting On The Yearly Credit Card Spending And Cashback Rewards

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I noticed today on my credit card statement that my yearly cashback reward bonus was posted. It seemed like this year I was given about $46. With a 1% reward rate that means I was able to charge about $4600 on the card this year. You might think that is a little crazy when I say “was able to charge” as if I want more bills on my credit card. Well, in many ways yes as again I don’t use credit cards as a form of loan as opposed to simply a method of payment with money that I already have. So I want to charge as much as possible on it.

As you can see the reward amount when you actually look at it is not that much. If I was able to charge absolutely everything on this one card though then the amount would be higher. It’s a reminder that you shouldn’t ever spend more for the sake of spending more to get rewards and cashbacks of sort unless it really makes sense. Keep in mind these are just the cashback rewards too where I am not factoring in things like in-store rewards that I got for the purchases as well usually.

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Apparently my average monthly credit card spending is more in-line with cards that don’t have a rewards program as from what I read people often spend more like $800 a month if their cards have rewards. Assuming it didn’t make sense financially on its own would it seem wise to like spend $9200 to get $92? But many times we have that spend more mentality for the sake of rewards. It’s harder to see the true value of things like reward points usually as opposed to straight cash of course. Extra money is always nice though.

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