Quitting Big Spending Habits Cold Turkey
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Quitting Big Spending Habits Cold Turkey

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I was thinking as for the last twenty days I was buying a smoothie every day for the sake of a test where once all my coupons ran out I stopped. I would imagine the intent of a company is to give these kinds of offers in hopes that people get accustomed to a routine and will continue to purchase with them regularly. But for me I just stopped right after which I often do for things that I feel isn’t worth it at the moment. Do you practice this kind of habit discipline as well?

I know a factor for me what makes this easy is that I often do a lot of things where they say the key to getting rid of one habit is to replace it with another. So to do so in this case I really just decided to invest more time in other things. It can be a problem if you don’t find a replacement habit as it’s almost like it is second nature to want to keep going as you trained yourself to do so.

So I feel the key to quitting any bad financial spending habit isn’t just to stop and do nothing where you torture yourself in a nagging way to not do it anymore. But instead make sure you have found an active thing to do to replace it. This can be true for almost every other thing too.

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