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The Perspective of Money When You Start Comparing Monetary Value

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Today a pair of children came up to me as they were fascinated with the drone I had. They mentioned that they had one but it was way smaller and doesn’t have a camera. Funny enough their first question was how much it cost. I mentioned it was around $1300 or so and the stare on the girl’s face was in disbelief. I then mentioned it wasn’t too bad as people spend money in different ways. I asked them if they knew how much money their parent’s car cost and at first she said $5000. I personally thought $15,000 was probably closer and she had that same shock.

It’s interesting as it made me think that when it comes to money it’s kind of important to know what the monetary value is on the items you use and own every day. It helps to give you perspective if you are spending your money productively or if it seems ridiculous that one item you use so little costs so much more compared to one you use every day. For example, a typical scenario is a person having some kind of designer clothing that costs $1000 that they might wear once a year versus the bad computer they have which they use every day and wish they had something better.

It definitely makes me think a lot. That’s why I often bargain shop even for groceries and tend not to dine out unless it’s an occasion. Like saying for dining out you can spend $20 for this one night dinner every day or use that $20 and buy a weeks’ worth of groceries or so. It really makes you think.

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