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Paying Unexpected High Service Fee Prices On Arrival or Not

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Today I was helping a person unload some really heavy pieces of concrete and stones that needed to be exposed of. He planned to go to the similar site he went to before as to his knowledge they allowed you to dump it for free as I assume the business recycles it and resells it for a profit. Upon arrival I noticed though that there were signs that asked people to go into the office before unloading as it was about $30 a yard. He was shocked as he thought it was always free.

So as the worker came out to inspect that the materials were clean to dump I at first thought I heard him say that the dumping fee would be $300. I was like $300? There is no way he would want to pay that. But apparently I misheard as it was $30. I brought that up afterwards to the person I was helping on how if it was $300 where would he have brought it to instead? His answer was kind of surprising as he mentioned he would have no choice but to pay it since we were there.

I think one of the factors is how I came to help him voluntarily so you don’t want to waste people’s time. But $300 in this case? Even I would understand. I reminds me how many times people go to buy something where the trip was very long to the point where even if the price of an item is expensive they will get it anyways because they are there. Would you ever just say forget it and ensure the inconvenience instead that it will cause? Especially if other people are involved in helping you?

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