The Pay Cheque To Pay Cheque Way of Managing Finances
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The Pay Cheque To Pay Cheque Way of Managing Finances

This was kind of crazy as today I heard a couple arguing pretty loudly about their finances. For whatever reason it seemed like this month they have to make some sacrifices due to some unexpected expenses. While that isn’t too out of the ordinary the thing that came up was that they would have to cut the Internet or TV. That created quite a debate between the two as they didn’t want to budge. Speaking for myself I would have probably killed the cable TV.

In some ways it seemed a little over the top though as I would imagine things like cable TV should be more of a luxury for most where that would probably be one of the first things you cut off if you really needed to save some money. Would you know exactly the first things that would go expense wise in your life if you really needed the money?

For myself I actually try to limit monthly service expenses to things that I actually need while accounting for the entire yearly service at once. Example, for me the cell phone bill would be the necessity and I make sure that I actually have the year’s worth of funds for it on the first day. So if anything, for me getting emergency money wouldn’t be so much having to cut things off as opposed to simply not buying luxury stuff on the day. I find it makes managing expenses a lot easier too. It kind of forces me financially where if I really wanted something that is a luxury item or service for the year that I have to earn it right away. Because you never know what can happen in the upcoming months if you always simply rely on the pay cheque to pay cheque way of managing your finances I feel for the smaller wants and needs in your life.

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