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Not Knowing Your Hardware Can Do More Than You Think

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This was kind of an odd thing I was asked today as a person approached me asking if I knew there were any places that had iPads on sale. I said no and asked why. Apparently he wanted to get it for a person who already owned a pretty high end Android tablet where a different person was using an iPad. Because Apple has its own FaceTime video sharing application he was saying how they need to get the other person an iPad so that they can video chat with each other. That was kind of mind boggling to me as I mentioned why they didn’t just both install an app such as Skype to do almost the same thing? His answer was that it was impossible as an Apple and Android product can’t work together like that.

Now obviously he wasn’t as technically savvy which is understandable. But it made me wonder how many people have the same idea he does in terms of limitations in being able to interact between two completely different pieces of hardware. Or at the same time how many people would spend hundreds of dollars to buy a particular hardware believing that they must do so to run certain applications or feature. It kind of made me think before when there were a ton of people who believed as an example that in order to run Microsoft Office product you had to buy a Windows based computer. In reality there were actually versions for Apple products.

With examples like these I would say it’s always a good idea to invest some time in truly learning about the products you buy and use. Often times I find that companies have free educational workshops and seminars too. In cases like this you could save yourself hundreds of dollars as many times we tend to just rely on information that is highlighted in sales literature. If you are ever thinking of spending hundreds of dollars on something just stop and research a little to see if that is your only viable option. Your wallet may thank you.

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