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Money Making Scams

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Everyday it seems like I encounter some kind of offer or claim that people can make some quick fast cash by doing something that seems ridiculously simple. Everywhere from my own e-mail box to seeing postings on the Internet, surprisingly there are actually a lot of people that get suckered into these types of money making scams. With that, I always kind of wanted to keep a collection of all of the crazy offers and proposals that I have seen to hopefully help others from being taken advantage of it.

So starting today, I have added this new section to my blog and whenever I receive or encounter something that is clearly a scam, I will publish the message here. Should be interesting for everyone to see as well on the different things that some people try to do in order to take your money and personal information.


  • Parm 12/16/2006

    I found this intriguing ad on ebay

    I am sure it is a scam, but it looks like that curiosity is going to make me try it.

    Not much money but it will not be the first time that I have added a tricjkle to the coffers of a scammer.

    How to stop my curiosity from trying such scams?



  • Alan Yu 12/16/2006


    I just looked at it quickly and it looks similar to some other things that I have seen except they are using eBay as their platform. Based on the description, what it looks like is that they will sell you this guide, such as a pdf file, that will have instructions on how you would create auctions just like what he is doing and similarly you would be trying to hype up people into now buying the same/modified instructions for a set price. Basically, in theory it would be like a non stop chain of people buying and reselling the same thing mostly by manipulating people’s hot buttons in earning easy money.

    Keep in mind I don’t know exactly what the guide you linked to says as I am assuming it will be similar to the other things that I have seen. For myself, in terms of curiosity for these type of things what I personally also think about when it comes to things like this is how it can affect others or if what I am doing truly adds value overall. For example, it may be perfectly legal for me to sell you snake oil and train others to do the same where we will definitely get richer, but in the end I just know it will turn out bad to see others suffer as a result whereas I could spend my time and energy doing something honest and meaningful for the long term.

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