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Those Moments When Your Expensive Purchases Pays Off


Over the past few days I have encountered situations where I needed a quick video recording solution to document a few things. I didn’t exactly have like a high end DSLR on me either. However, what I did have was my smartphone. Interestingly enough, my phone had the ability to record the front and back camera at the same time. This was such great last minute solution for what I needed and made me even happier that I decided to upgrade my phone this year even though it was a very expensive purchase.

Moments like these usually boost my confidence where if I ever make super expensive purchases it means that I did a good job in really thinking it through on whether or not I could use all the functionalities of the product I am getting. This is as opposed to be constantly terrified where you are say paying a ton of money for something that you may never use. It’s almost like so many times we don’t trust ourselves with our own money huh? Instead we give it to others to lock away in some fashion.

For me, experiencing moments like these give me the confidence to make responsible decisions with my money. You can start off small too to build that confidence. I often find treating your grocery shopping like a stock market of sorts is a good way to do that. For example, buy things for a super crazy cheap price where you don’t need it yet but know that you will In the future. On the day you will use it look at what the regular price is on that day now. It often ends up being way more expensive than what you paid for which gives you the motivation in wanting to make good investment purchases.

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