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Making Up A New Sale Names Every Week

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It’s pretty normal to see companies have a new sale every week. Of course, whenever it is a holiday they try and make a sale themed around it. I was just wondering the other day as I was looking at this company who tries to invent a new sales theme every week. For example, this week it could be the volcano sales event and next week it could be the avalanche sale.

It made me wonder how much of an impact a sales theme makes in terms of getting consumer interest. Speaking for myself, I guess in some ways it would get me curious to see what exactly they are putting for sale to justify giving the sale its name. Kind of like saying if someone said a summer sale then natural you would expect summer related items as opposed to winter ones. This must get internally repetitive to just think of any kind term for a sales event. Then again, if it helps you to differentiate you from the crowd then maybe it is worth it.

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