Making Time To Get The Good Deals
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Making Time To Get The Good Deals

The other day my parents was telling me that there was a big sale for blueberries at a supermarket but it was limited to one per customer. The container would normally cost about seven dollars but was at three dollars now. So they planned to go back and get more. Afterwards I told them that I could drop by the store on my way to a meeting where I could buy them an extra one too. I was then thinking how many people actually don’t do this in a sense of finding a way to take a little time to shop for the good deals on occasion.

Usually I feel the habit that most people are accustomed to is that they visit the supermarket maybe once every two weeks or so where they buy a whole load of stuff so that they don’t have to keep going back. While it is definitely convenient I find that you tend to spend more money this way. Usually you just end up getting a good deal or two where everything else you pay for is the normal price or is inflated.

Now granted financially it can make absolutely no sense to keep going back all the time to search for deals as the cost of travel can add up. But I find this is where you should expand your network of shoppers so that when a good deal comes up there is usually someone who can get it on the way to and from somewhere else. It’s a great way to save money for everyone this way too I find.

Food wise too you can often get fresher items too this way I find as stores often place out big sales like this when they get their truckload of inventory as they don’t want to risk having so much leftover. For me too I just make it a habit to drop by local places on my way to and from various places. For me anyways it’s like a hobby that just happens to help me and everyone around me to save money. People often take that extra time to watch like a TV show. So it only makes sense for your wallet to consider that same consideration for the things you buy all the time.

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