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Making Sure One Person Gets The Reward Points

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While I think this is very common apparently it is not. Today I was in a restaurant with a few people where many opted to pay in cash. Now some people commented that if anyone was using a credit card with reward points then they should take the money and pay for it. To me this is a very common practice whenever I hang out with people but apparently not everyone thinks of that.

I know for myself I always want to see at least one person gain the extra rewards such as these. In many ways too it helps to promote the idea that the people you surround yourself with are also interested in getting the best value which can often mean people will try harder to get more for their dollar. That ultimately means everyone will save and make more money.

They often say that when it comes to business surrounding yourself with the right people is a crucial part to success. I think finance is the exact same thing in many ways where you shouldn’t underestimate how that can help you in your overall financial goals in life.

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