When It Makes More Sense To Use Your Money For The Sake of Time
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When It Makes More Sense To Use Your Money For The Sake of Time

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Apps for smartphones are big business and video games seem to be one of the most profitable due to all the micro transactions in them. Now many times there are ways to earn free game credits of sort by playing for a very long time. Or you can simply spend real life money to get the same benefit. I was just reading how there were people who took like a week off work to play this game for like fifteen hours a day or something like that where they ultimately got everything they wanted. They did end up spending quite a bit of real money too at about $200 or so.

While it is extreme, I was thinking example like these should make you think on whether or not it is better to just spend more money at times when you really want something. Like in this case even for entry level jobs they probably would have earned almost $500. While it would seem crazy to spend that much money on a game it would have enabled them to accomplish the same goal with way less time while still having money left over.

If you can’t relate to this example though people do it all the time such as taking time off work and business to lineup for a sale or to get tickets to an event. Like there maybe it’s better to just spend some money to hire someone to get it for you instead of completely cutting off your income for the day. I know many wouldn’t do that simply because of the feeling that you aren’t like say getting a deal per se or the sense of accomplishment of not spending money for something. But if the focus is about that end result as opposed to the journey it seems more wise to just use your money.

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