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Lost Item Monetary Value To Make You Find It

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Today I went on a hike with some friends where an unfortunate thing happened. After quite a bit of hiking one person expressed how he wanted to go back down as he just realized that he lost his power bank for his cell phone. Apparently he placed it in his pocket and it fell out. Therefore, it was going to be difficult to locate it. While we did attempt to find it, eventually the person just said forget it as it wasn’t a priority. Apparently this power bank costed over $70 too. It made me wonder, if the item was say valued $150 would he be more inclined to want to keep looking?

I think for me in scenarios like these, excluding factors such as if the item had sentimental value, I think it would probably have to be like $500 before I would even try to seriously attempt to look for it. Something like $70 for an item that is easily replaceable just seems like so much more stress than its worth. Example, if I lost my phone then that would be a little more serious. Plus it’s probably easier to track.

Of course if we aren’t talking like you dropped it somewhere in the mountain as opposed to it being misplaced somewhere in the house then that is different. Not having the persistence to find it in those cases is usually how people end up with duplicates of things like cables which ends up being a waste of money. But if it could be anywhere like here I would personally think in many cases a low valued item is better to just replace. Basically, lesson learned for the most part.

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    Mohammad Amin 7/31/2016 3:10 am

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