Looking at the Long Term Reward Benefit As Opposed to Immediate
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Looking at the Long Term Reward Benefit As Opposed to Immediate

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I was thinking the other day where since I started to use that Sweatcoin app to keep track of my steps I was reading how many people stopped using it because it was demoralizing to them as to how long it would take to get a reward that they wanted. Apparently if you get the max free credit a day it would take you still about 3 years to get something like a new iPhone. Because of that a lot of people don’t think it is worth it and stop.

To me the reward is just something potentially fun to get. But it did make me think of the difference between thinking short and long term when it comes to getting a reward. Now to my understanding one of the goals for the coins in this app is that if it ever becomes officially listed in things like a cryptocurrency exchange it could become very valuable. So in that sense to me it’s just a nice free investment where if it becomes something big then great. If not then doesn’t really matter as I am using it to track my steps.

I can easily see though that if I was focus on getting a product immediately I would probably be discouraged too. For stuff like this I guess the key is to think of the possibilities on how big it can potentially get and if it does you will probably regret not sticking with it.

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