Loblaws Dropping 50% Discount On Expiring Food Fiasco

Loblaws Dropping 50% Discount On Expiring Food Fiasco

There was a lot of conversation on how the largest grocery company here in Canada is going to implement a policy not to sell items that are near to expiration at a discounted rate. Instead, I suppose they will dispose of it as a loss if it goes unsold. As expected, people began to scold the company to emphasize corporate greed and at the same time financially it makes no sense to just throw something away versus making some money off of it.

I often find you can get great deals this way where there could be packaged products that have three months left and the huge discount would make me adjust my meals to that. Apparently, there are a lot of people who only purchase these items too as there way to combat inflation while staying financially health. That might be the only logical reason I can think of on why they feel it would be more profitable to do this as it forces people to buy something else. Keep doing that for a few weeks and that can add up profits wise.

I do wonder how much data and variables they actually considered. For a person like myself as an example these clearance types of deals usually entice me to visit the store where I can end up buying more which is no different than when a company uses say a loss leader in this way. Except here they don’t even need to spend millions of dollars in advertising to make people aware of it.

I find for those stores that don’t usually have great clearance deals I probably would need an enticing sales flyer as an example to really check them out. It’s the PR disaster in this case though that makes you wonder if this decision is the right one for any type of supermarket business.

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