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Leaving Store Deal Offers That You Don’t Need Right Now

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Today I got one of those app offers again where you could buy a dozen eggs for $1.29. Too hard to say no and so I went to buy some. However, at the same time the company gave me another offer where I could get twenty times the reward points if I spent $50 or more in one transaction. That was actually tempting for me to see if there was anything worthwhile to buy on top of the eggs. It’s almost like they did that intentionally.

As I walked around the store though I didn’t really see anything I actually needed as opposed to items like chocolate that were on sale. They seemed like a good deal, but buying almost $50 worth just to take advantage of the deal? That didn’t seem wise. While I ended up just buying the eggs I know in these situations a lot of people actually would go and buy things they don’t need because of the deal.

It made me reflect if there is anything I actually do to maintain financial discipline in these cases. The only thing that came to mind is that while I was walking around I saw some products I actually may need to stock up on in the future but they weren’t on sale. For example, electric toothbrush replacement heads. So the idea of not getting the best deal there was enough to make me wait. So is the simple answer just seeing how there are better deals in the future that you actually need?

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