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Learning Languages Natively To Save Time And Money

I was thinking today as a few people have been telling me that if I wanted to become fluent in various languages that I should just spend a few months in countries where you pretty much have no choice but to speak its native tongue. This should force you to learn things fast. At first you would think that sounds way too expensive of course. But the more I thought about it financially it could make sense.

Especially with learning a new language people often forget what they learn in a class without using it in a practical way in one’s everyday life. As well the classes themselves can be expensive such as $500 for 16 hours of lesson time. With that number things like a plane ticket doesn’t sound so bad all of a sudden right? As well with the hourly fee you would normally pay you could spend that traveling and speaking with locals to practice.

Kind of funny how the perspective of money and what is expensive can change just like that huh? I would assume it is more effective to learn it the traveling way too.

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