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Keeping It Really Simple And Basic Can Save You A Lot of Money

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So recently I have been working a lot on some 2018 stuff which involves a lot of graphics designing. When I first started I was thinking of all these fancy items which in some cases it looked like you would have to pay money for like fonts. I was just thinking how getting all that stuff will sure add up. So instead like a frugal shopper I tried to work with the bare basics to see if I could accomplish what I actually wanted.

As I did this I found that just keeping the design clean and simple actually worked where I didn’t need anything else. Reminds me for most things we usually tend to over think on what we need where we start buying everything in preparation just to find out everything can be kept simple and cheap. In this case it was the difference between spending $200 and not.

I guess what helped a lot too was to look at other people’s work to see how much they could do for so little. I often do that with other things in life such as seeing how much groceries people can get at stores for so little money which makes you want to do the same. You can do so much for so little.

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