Investing A Lot of Money In The Things You Use Everyday
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Investing A Lot of Money In The Things You Use Everyday

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While I am always super frugal and wanting the best value for my money recently I was thinking that I needed a new backpack as the one I had developed a bunch of holes in it. As well, since I usually carry one all the time I have noticed at times the design of the backpack causes a lot of stress on the shoulder due to the design. Therefore I started to look for a good solution.

While these items could cost about $30 or so, I was looking at one that seemed great for all my needs but the price tag was well over $200. That doesn’t sound very frugal to spend over $200 on a backpack. But thinking about the features and how it would probably make my everyday life easier and healthier in a way to me at times like these it is okay to invest in a lot assuming the item does everything you expect to give you a good return of value in other ways.

For example, if the design will relieve the shoulder stress on a daily basis that is well worth it than having to spend thousands to rehabilitate it later. If I only used the item like once a year then that would much to justify.

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