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Investing As You Grow Or Spending Big In The Beginning

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Imagine you had very little money to invest in various tools and resources to do some work for your business venture which you feel would give you a competitive edge. For example purposes let’s say it is a computer. You need to buy one now where for the immediate future you could settle for this one system that will do the job. However, you are thinking even further ahead for a bigger type of project where this same computer can’t really do the job for that. So you wonder is it better to just spend a ton of money now to get the best?

On one hand you could technically save money where you only need to buy one system now. On the other hand you could be losing more by having to essentially spend more than you have. As well there is no guarantee if or when that bigger requirement will be needed. Would you tend to still get the best now just incase or would you rather just invest into nigger things as you grow?

In that case I would tend to only invest as I grow. The only real way I could justify it otherwise like a computer is if I can use it for other things in my life where having something faster will free up a lot of time in general which means money. In that sense there is no real loss as I am still getting use out of it in a good way.

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