The Inexpensive But Cumbersome Solutions
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The Inexpensive But Cumbersome Solutions

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Today I met a person who was using a ton of power from his smartphone lately where as a result he carries around a portable power pack. From what he mentioned his battery would pretty much get drained in about two hours or so without additional power. He was saying how he had quite a few battery packs too. I then compared it with the phone I had which lasts at minimum two times longer due mostly to the phone being newer. While it is of course the more expensive option, I was thinking how at times like these I would probably opt for the more expensive option that is more practical.

Sometimes being frugal just doesn’t make sense if it is at the expense of having to manage a lot more stuff just to get the same results. In many ways I feel the energy you spend to try and maintain the more frugal system can be better spent on other things which in turn brings you say more money to make up for it. Of course there has to be a reasonable price difference. If my method was like five times more expensive then that is more like one of those “for the rich only” kind of solutions. But in this case when you factor in all the other stuff the person had to get it was more like a 20% price difference.

As well, storage can be a factor too in terms of cost in an indirect way many times. The over exaggerated example would be people renting out those storage spaces to store all their additional stuff. Sometimes it’s good to have less even if it costs more upfront.

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